LEFT Marketing provides services in all areas of marketing online. Our experience and contacts in the industry allow us to provide effective and immediate expertise in:

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Current and past projects of LEFT Marketing include:
  • Creating a trigger-based direct marketing program used to establish new user patterns of behavior, resulting in measurably higher user retention rates.
  • Developing strategic marketing plans designed to use existing client database information in a way to generate significant and measurable revenue streams by introducing a new product features to the user base.
  • Implementing a database direct marketing program designed to introduce a new software version, resulting in record levels of pre-release orders.
  • Constructing a direct mail campaign with a high level of personalization, resulting in a response improvement of over 300% when compared to a generic message.
  • Creating an affiliate marketing program using keyword purchasing, generating significant gross revenue on an annual basis.
  • Designed and launched a web site for the upcoming documentary "My Father's People"
Many other projects, both large and small, have been created, tested, and implemented. References can be provided on request.