eDM marketing is the technique of using customer-provided email addresses to distribute marketing campaigns. These campaigns may take the form of:

  • Email distribution of a single email to an entire audience file, or
  • Trigger-based emails which are automatically generated based on customer activity
Privacy concerns must be addressed so that users feel secure when providing their personal information and that the information collected is used only for appropriate marketing activities.

Based on the marketing objectives, the message included in each email can include one or more of the following:
  • Offers of existing products or services
  • An announcement of a new product or service
  • Reminders designed to generate customer use of existing products or services, increasing customer retention
  • Education or information based messages, such as newsletters
  • Customer service and operational emails
The audience used in eDM Marketing can be from an in-house list or from a reputable outside source.

Testing with eDM is extremely important, as learning which creative, message, offer, and timing works the best, a significant response can be achieved. Leveraging our experience, LEFT, Inc. can help you create the best eDM strategy.

Check out the GALLERY for samples of our past eDM work.