Affiliate marketing has grown into a significant segment of online marketing. From one-product online startups to the largest internet players, establishing affiliate networks can be a important tool in meeting marketing goals.

For an ADVERTISER, affiliate marketing can be a cost effective means of generating program signups, online sales, or as a valuable lead generator. The key to an effective affiliate program is to bring in incremental customers which are not being reached by marketing programs currently in place.

At LEFT Marketing, we can help advertisers:
  • Establish a cost-effective affiliate marketing program which produces sales, subscriptions, or leads.
  • Select the best affiliate management program.
  • Generate the highest number of affiliate partners.
  • Identify superior performing affiliates and work with them individually to produce higher results.
  • Create testing programs to maximize the ROI on the investment in affiliate marketing plans.
  • Tailor affiliate programs for their site traffic, email, and search affiliate partners.
  • Establish a sophisticated affiliate program in which affiliates are not competing for keywords in search marketing.
  • Institute a regular reporting system necessary to manage an established affiliate network.
For an AFFILIATE, these programs can generate revenue from on-site traffic, email, and through search marketing.

At LEFT Marketing, we can help advertisers:
  • Identify and implement affiliate marketing techniques and programs to monetize current site traffic.
  • Create strategies to increase traffic in order to create an even higher level of affiliate marketing income.
  • Use affiliate marketing to generate income from both lead generation as well as affiliate sales.
  • Create email campaigns to existing customer lists aimed at generating affiliate revenue.
  • Discover the best opportunities currently available for using existing traffic, and provide information on new opportunities as they become available.
  • Set up an effective reporting system designed to monitor all aspects of affiliate marketing relationships.
Affiliate marketing provides the advertisers a means of meeting marketing objectives and affiliates with the rewards of additional revenue. This opportunity should not be missed.