LEFT Marketing


Internet marketing... It comprises many formats all geared to meeting a company's online business goals. LEFT Marketing can provide resources and expertise to meet the objectives in the areas of internet marketing, database marketing, affiliate programs, and search marketing.

LEFT can provide expertise in a variety of areas from large to small.

For our mid- to large-size customers, some of our services include:
  • Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM) for major internet corporations with individual campaign communications of up to 20 million emails per mail cast
  • Coordinating and managing mail campaigns utilizing vendors such as DoubleClick for mail casting, and including services like test and refine prior to distribution
  • Working with both in-house or outside creative services to design eDM material
  • Pay Per Click advertising as a stand alone or to tie in with other eDM programs
  • Establishing and managing affiliate programs designed to generate sales and subscriptions
  • Creating and managing Customer Retention programs
For our small to mid size customers our services include:
  • Creating electronic communications to keep your customers informed and coming back to your website
  • Helping you build your web presence
  • Generating additional sales, subscribers, leads, or awareness
  • Expanding and fine tuning your current online marketing programs by utilizing and growing your customer database
  • Investigating search and affiliate marketing programs
  • Getting new ideas on the latest approaches to online marketing

We invite you to check out this website to learn more about who we are and what we can do to help you out. And always feel free to CONTACT us for more information.